quinta-feira, 13 de março de 2008

"The Spirit of Sailing"

"Ships are the nearest things to dreams that hands have ever made."-Robert N. Rose

"Who were these people so dedicated to keeping a one hundred-year-old boat alive and were able to sail them every chance they had?Were there others like them and where could i find them?In search of the spirit of sailing i went to Maine and found hundreds of people building,restoring,sailing,racing,cruising,and chartering this fantastic old boats.I soon discovered that this was not just a local scene but people all over the world were lovingly caring for all types of hand-crafted boats-from the whimsical Beatlecats to the working schooners and fishing boats,to the majestic tall ships and the ultimate sailing machines-J-class sloops.I learned that there are museums,regattas,schools,and shipyards dedicated to the education,preservation,restoration,and creation of the classic sailboat."-Michael Kahn in "the spirit of sailing"

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António Cândido disse...

Gostei Marco, juro que gostei! - está majestoso!

Um abraço,


almagrande disse...

Olá Cândido,até ontem não conhecia o trabalho deste fotógrafo.Sorte minha,um amigo ofereceu-me um livro fabuloso que tem o título do post.não descansei enquanto não lhe surripiei umas fotos,o rapaz tem olho..