quarta-feira, 25 de junho de 2008

"We've all tried to describe what it is that compels us to sail, but it seems ineffable. Sailing is never the same but always sublime. For me, it's a enormous range of extremes, all of them providing a sense of being fully alive. I love the dawn watch offshore when dew falls on the ocean and fills the air with the smell of fresh water. I love those moments in the midst of all hell breaking loose when i realize i am unafraid and competent to keep the boat safe. I love heading off for somewhere far away with a boatload of good friends. I love those wild nights in the trade winds with huge seas and moonlight when the boat roars and trashes and flies along flinging spray. I love being stuck out in weather, good and bad, and seeing endless changes in the sea and sky. I love the wistful feeling of a chilly sail in a small boat in late fall, when i know i should already have put her in the shed." Elizabeth Meyer

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